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27in Smart Calendar / Smart Wall Display / Photo Viewer

27in Smart Calendar / Smart Wall Display / Photo Viewer

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The current processing time is ~1.5 - 3 weeks.


I will have more photos of the other material types coming soon. If you want to see what each material looks like, visit my shop and check out my other listings. They all use the same types of wood, and have all types in photos.

This smart display can be customized to show exactly what you want to see at a glance. This display will connect to your online calendar and update automatically. Meaning if you make an update from your phone or computer, it will show on the display without you doing anything. The display is also great for weather providing a 5 day forecast always ready and up to date. You can even set up a live animated weather radar that constantly shows your location. In the background you can either let the screen rotate through the included professional photos, or even connect your own album. This allows you to show your own family/trips/anything you want.

Key Features:
-Bright non glossy IPS display: These screens will look good even in a bright room with lots of natural light. Screen choice is very important for this, a glossy screen will reflect all of the light back into your eyes making it hard or even impossible to read without moving.
-Latest hardware: I always use the latest and most powerful hardware available with no exception. If older CPU's are used some features within Dakboard will not work. (such as anything with movement like the animated weather radar) Because I use the latest CPUs in my displays there will never be a feature you cant use. This is the best of the best.
-French Cleat: Hangs with a French cleat, meaning there are no holes anywhere on this display. It will sit flush against the wall and have no openings except for the power cord. (If you have a recessed outlet you dont even need that)
-My support: When you purchase a display from me you also get my support in setting the display up and customizing it so that it shows what you want, how you want it. This process is very easy, I have worked in tech support for over 10 years, I believe I can walk just about anyone through how to do it.

The frame will be made from your choice of wood. If you are interested in a wood that is not listed just message me, I can likely get it.

Dimensions including the wood frame:
25in x 14 3/4in x 2 1/8in

If you pick the painted option you can provide me with either the basic color (white, black, etc.) Or pick any color from the Lowes paint center: Just pick what color you like and send me a message.

If you want stained oak instead of a natural looking White Oak, I can stain your frame any stain color, just send me the name of your stain and I will buy it. If you don't want to pay extra for this, you can just order White Oak and put in the notes to leave it unfinished. This way you can stain it yourself if you already have the stain you want to use.

All returns must be sent back in their original packaging. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. If you ordered a painted or stained display I will require a 15-30% restocking fee depending on the color/stain chosen. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. If the display is not returned in original condition additional fees may apply. International returns are only accepted from Canada and Mexico.

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