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32in Smart Calendar/ Dakboard / Smart Wall Display / Photo Viewer

32in Smart Calendar/ Dakboard / Smart Wall Display / Photo Viewer

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The current processing time is ~1.5 - 3 weeks.


Enhance your home or office with our 32-inch Smart Display. Encased in a handmade hardwood frame, this QHD IPS screen connects seamlessly to your online calendar and weather updates, offering an effective way to organize your day. Customize it further by connecting your own photo albums or utilizing the included professional images.

Material Options

Complement your style with our range of wooden frames. For a more extensive look at available materials, feel free to visit our other listings while we update our gallery with additional wood types.

Technical Specifications

Our Smart Display is equipped with the latest CPUs to ensure full compatibility with Dakboard features. The non-glossy QHD IPS display ensures clear visibility, even in brightly lit rooms.

Installation, Updates, and Support

The display hangs neatly with a French cleat and comes with the support you need to set it up the way you want. As your experienced guide, I'll walk you through the process.


Including the wooden frame, the overall dimensions are 29.5in x 17.5in x 2.5in.

Color Options

For a painted finish, choose a basic color or select from Lowe's paint center. If you prefer a stained finish, you can specify a stain or request an unfinished White Oak frame for personal staining.

Return Policy

Returns must be sent back in their original packaging and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Painted or stained displays will incur a restocking fee of 15-30%. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs, and international returns from Canada and Mexico are accepted.

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