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32in Touchscreen Smart Calendar / Smart Home Control Center / Dakboard

32in Touchscreen Smart Calendar / Smart Home Control Center / Dakboard

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This smart display can be customized to show exactly what you want to see at a glance. The display runs on Dakboard software. You can check out their website before you buy to make sure it will fit your needs.
The display works by connecting to your existing online calendar(s). It will automatically sync and show the updates you make from your phone/computer, meaning you don't have to do anything special to get your events on the display. You can even connect more than one person's calendar and color code the events.

The calendar works with Google/Apple/Microsoft calendars. It can also work with any other calendar service that is able to provide a .iCal URL, such as Cozi calendars.

You can set up an album in Google/Apple to load your own pictures into the display. This allows you to quickly add new photos as you take them, just by adding them to that album.

There are many other features that the display can show as well. Such as weather forecasts, including weather radar, news blocks, to-do lists, and much more. You can make a free account on the Dakboard website to test out features before you buy.

My displays all use bright non glossy IPS screens. This means they wont have bad reflections in bright rooms. It also means that you will have very wide viewing angles where the screen is still readable. This is perfect for a wall calendar.

Not all displays are touchscreens. If you look at all of my listings, you will see options for both touch and non touchscreen displays of each size. Non touchscreen displays can actually do all the same things as the touchscreen displays if you plug in a wireless mouse/touchpad. The scroll wheel will scroll the calendar, and you will get a pointer to do the rest. Key touchscreen features include scrolling on the calendar, tapping to check off items on to-do lists, interacting with news blocks, and setting up buttons to change to a different screen.

The display hangs with a French cleat. This makes hanging very easy because you can install the cleat on the wall and then hang the display onto the cleat.

When you buy a display from me, you also get my support. You can message me anytime and I will assist you with setting up your screen or other general questions. You can even request a video call with me so that I can see exactly what you are doing and provide better support.

27in: 25in x 14 3/4in x 2 1/8in
27in Touchscreen: 26 1/4in x 15 3/4in x 2 5/8in
32in: 29 1/2in x 17 1/2in x 2 1/4in
32in Touchscreen: 30 1/8in x 18 1/8in x 2 5/8in

100-Day Limited Warranty:
All displays come with a 100-day warranty covering software issues, replacement of the wood frame, and screen malfunction, provided the damage is not caused by the customer. This warranty excludes damages from misuse, accidents, or customer modifications. For warranty service, contact customer support with your purchase details.

All returns must be returned in their original packaging and must be sent back within seven days of delivery. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs, and returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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Customer Reviews

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Kelly Malloy

I’m still learning all the features it offers but so far we really love it.


Absolutely amazing. My wife was skeptical at first by now loves it after I had set it up. Thank you

Very well made, solid quality, thoughtfull...

Very well made, solid quality, thoughtfully engineered.

Amazing quality and superb customer servic...

Amazing quality and superb customer service.

I don't want to oversell any products but...

I don't want to oversell any products but I don't think this one could have come any better. Exactly what we wanted and my wife is very pleased. If you're even slightly technical everything goes up and together without instructions.